Weekend & Holiday Parking

If you have surplus spaces in your car park over the weekend or holiday periods then Anglo Management can provide you with a significant extra income

We are successfully generating extra income on behalf of a number of organisations from use of the surplus car parking facilities during weekends and school holidays.

Our total parking solution allows us to take full responsibility for every aspect that your organisation requires including: equipment, signs, payment enforcement, security, marketing, administration, cash collection and handling, finance. We take legal responsibility of the parking customers through our contracts and our public liability insurance.

We are committed to providing you with a complete parking solution during the agreed periods of operation. It has been designed to give you peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on the primary activities of your organisation.

Not For Profit organisations such as Religious, Educational and Charitable institutions receive a significant further benefit from our special non-commercial rates. This is our contribution towards your worthwhile causes as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our successful and long-term partnerships have financially benefited many organisations and they would be pleased to provide excellent references.

Please contact us to find out how your organisation could also benefit.