Permit / Contract Parking

If you have surplus spaces in your car park then Anglo Management can provide you with a significant extra income without requiring any additional work or responsibility from you

We generate significant extra income for a number of organisations from their surplus car parking spaces. The system we put in place is straightforward and transparent and we would ensure that your existing parking requirements are not affected.

We are committed to providing you with a complete parking solution designed to give you the peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on the primary activities of your business or organisation.

The arrangement is tailored to your individual needs and the following agreements would form the basis of our successful partnership.

• Number of permit holders to use your car park.
• Price to charge the permit holders.
• Period the permit holders have access to your car park.

This will be a risk free venture for you as we accept legal liability of our permit holders’ vehicles. You will have no additional costs or responsibility and you will simply receive a regular payment together with an account settlement and an accurate list of permit holders.

For your peace of mind we even give you an option to cancel our agreement with 28 days notice, however our aim is to build a long-term successful partnership with you.

We have many successful and long-term partnerships with various organisations that have received a significant income from our services and they would be delighted to provide excellent references.

Please contact us to find out how your organisation could also benefit.